Ceramic Fiber Products
Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Products

How about your after-sale service?

Firstly, before production, we send sample for confirmation.In production, we send pictures to clients to let clients know production progress.After goods finished, we send pictures to clients, and after finish production, we send pictures to clients.All above documents and pictures will be on file.When we get clients' feedback, we have after-sale service team to solve questions, and talk with engineers to find out reason and root cause to supply the best products to our client.

What is your MOQ?

5 pcs for board. 1 set for furnace chamber.We accept trial order.

How we know your product quality before order it?

Firstly, our products always have good feedback in domestic and abroad market,Before you order our boards, we send one small piece of board with same quality in bulk production to make test and confirmation.We will make some change in production if you have extra requirements.

Do you supply furnace chamber?

We supply furnace chamber according to clients' drawing, including high temperature furnace chamber and electric resistance furnace chamber, working temperature can be supplied from 1000C-1800C. We have experts to give out the best and effective chamber installation way, and we have technology team to make drawings according to your need. 

What is the sizes of our boards?

Regular size is 900x600x25mm, 900x600x50mm. Thickness can be made from 100mm to 150mm. Meanwhile, it can be supplied according to clients' requirements.

What is the operating temperate of our boards?

According to Classification Temperature, our boards are divided to 1400C, 1600C, 1700C, 1800C fiber board. Its operating temperature is 1250C, 1450C, 1550C and 1650C seperately.