Latin American Steel Association annual conference

Latin American Steel Association annual conference

Date: 28 - 30 October 2012

Location: Santiago, Chile Organised by Alacero (former ILAFA)

The Congreso Latinoamericano del Acero – Alacero-53 (formerly ILAFA) will take place in Chile this year at the Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center

The congress expects the participation of Fynn Kydland, 2004 Nobel Prize for economics, for his contributions to dynamic macroeconomics, who will speak about the global economic outlook and the risks that face the Latin American region.

There will also be panels of experts to discuss topics of key importance as the situation of the steel raw materials market, the dynamics of regional steel markets and the process of deindustrialisation in which currency appreciation as a result of exports of raw materials caused manufacturing industry to become uncompetitive and so decline.