The Malaysia will impose the anti-dumping duty for Chinese wire

publisher: Diego
Time: 2012-10-31

Malaysia had decided to impose the anti-dumping duty of wire to China, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Taiwai of China. It is the provisionality action Malaysia’s government enuncialbe in Tuesday of last week which have the sufficient evidences required after further investigation.

The Malaysia will levy the countervailing duty of 33.62% at most for the wire exportion of the countries and region above mentioned.

The International trade and Industrial ministry(MITI) of Malaysia declare that the government will do field survey to the production operation place of overseas manufacturers and will make final decision whether the exporters of the countries and region above mentioned dump the wire to Malaysia, everything will be finished with 120 days.

It is reported, the China exported the wire of two hundred and thirty eight thousand metric tons to Malaysia, the amount is about 0.172billion dollars, it is about 7.2% proportion of toal export volume.

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