New Seversal long products mill will create 1,100 jobs

New Seversal long products mill will create 1,100 jobs


Russian steelmaker OAO Severstal hasofficially opened its Balakovo Long Product Mill in Russia's Saratov region.The mill will produce long products for the construction industry and is billedas one of Severstal's largest investment projects in recent years.


The ceremony was attended by the Governorof the Saratov region, Valeriy Radaev and Severstal's CEO, Sergey Toropov whosaid that the mill was a 'cutting edge production plant designed to meet allrequirements and challenges of modern steel manufacturing'. He said thatmaximum cost efficiency on site was ensured by the mill's strategic location,which offers efficient access to raw materials and infrastructure as welldirect access to favourable markets. "Innovative production technologywill ensure that the mill's environmental impact and energy consumption aresignificantly lowered," Toropov added.


The Balakovo mill is the first of its kindin the Volga Federal District, according to Valeriy Radaev, governor of theSaratov region. He said that the mill would not only create 1,100 new jobs butalso accelerate economic development. "A new steelmaking productioncluster has been set up with the construction of the new plant and this willencourage further development in the region," he said.


The 1Mt capacity mill operates a closedwater rotation cycle and a gas cleaning system with a 99% efficiency rating inline with European best practices. Dust content in waste gases will not exceed5mg/m3 , claims Severstal.


In terms of markets, the mill will initiallysupply the Volga Federal District and the Southern Federal District. Someproducts will be shipped to markets in the Central Black Earth Region and theCentral Region, according to Severstal.