Primetals receives FACs from Vietnamese steelmaker

Primetals receives FACs from Vietnamese steelmaker

Primetals Technologies has received a Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) from the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation of Vietnam following the commissioning of three continuous casters last June.

According to Primetals, all three casters were started in fully automated mode with an automatic start of casting and Level 2 functions.

The order covered two slab casters and one six-strand bloom caster ordered by Formosa Heavy Industries from Primetals in 2012.

Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation is a subsidiary of Taiwanese steel producer Formosa Plastic Group.

All three casters were installed in the Vung Anh Economic Zone in central Vietnam and two months later an eight-strand billet caster went live when liquid steel was ‘fully up to speed’.

The two slab casters are designed to produced 2.7Mt/yr (metric) of slabs, ranging from 900mm to 1,880mm in width and with thicknesses of between 210mm and 270mm.

The six-strand bloom caster has an annual capacity of 1.5Mt/yr with bloom dimensions of 260 x 300mm and 360 x 450mm.

All three casters are ‘bow-type’. The slab casters each have a radius of 10m while the bloom caster is 14m.

The eight-strand billet caster has an annual production capacity of 1.2Mt/yr of billets with square cross sections ranging between 130 x 130mm and 180 x 180mm. It is designed to cast a wide variety of different steel grades, claims Primetals and is also a bow-type configuration, with a radius of 9m.

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