Electric heating module is made by heating wire and ceramic fiber adopting vacuum suction filtration method, the best working temperature is between 500C and 1200C. Zibo FOVO use high quality raw material to make our electric heating module with good heat soaking, fast heating rate, good thermal insulation performance, energy saving, environmental protection and long life, etc good advantages. Zibo FOVO has a wide variety of electric heating modules, including plate-shaped electric heating modules, round-shaped furnaces, rectangular furnaces, etc. We can customize peoducts with different styles and shapes accroding to customers’s requirements. Electric heating module is suitable for kiln and laboratory electric furnaces.


Electric heating module production process:

1. Drawing confirmation

Sales department and technology department communicate with customer to meet customer’s requirements.

2. Winding of heating wire to make parameters accuracy.

Each heating wire will be winded according to design index to make parameters accuracy.

3. Mold making

The electric heating module is made by vacuum suction filtration method, which need create mold manually. The mold mater who has many years’ working experience create mold with complicated style and precise dimensions according to each requirement of the drawings.

4. Molding and Processing

Ingredients is strictly accroding to formula. The processing steps of heating module is complicated, so we require each step must have a self-test.

5. Quality control inspection

Quality control inspect products, inculding appearance, size, design power, make sure no unqualified prducts deliver to customers.

6. Packing

Modules are wrapped in a wooden box, to make sure products arrive customers’ sites safely and completedly.