Application of polycrystalline mullite fiber in energy-saving kiln

Time: 2018-08-28

Polycrystalline mullite fiber is an ultra-light, high temperature refractory material, which has been widely used in high temperature furnaces. Due to its good thermal insulation performance and easy construction, it has been recognized by the market and customers, and has been promoted by the state as a new technical material.

FV-1600 polycrystalline mullite fiber produced by Zibo FOVO are mainly composed of mullite microcrystals, which has excellent high temperature resistance and the highest melting point is 1840 degree celsius. Compared with traditional refractory bricks, the thermal conductivity and bulk density have improved several times. 1600C fiber are mainly used in high temperature industrial furnaces and lining of thermal processing equipments for insulation. Polycrystalline mullite fiber produced by Zibo FOVO has the advantages of reducing the temperature difference in the furnace, improving the quality of products produced, reducing energy consumption, and improving the service life of the furnace. It also plays a very good role in environment protection and low carbon.

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