SK-32 SK-34 SK-36 SK-37 SK-38 Refractory Bricks
SK-32 SK-34 SK-36 SK-37 SK-38 Refractory Bricks

Product review



We produce a comprehensive range of Fire brick consisting of 30~80% Alumina all of which exhibit excellent strength .

For more arduous environments we offer a hard fired "Super duty"Fire brick with a very high mechanical strength.



Low thermal conductivity

Good thermal insulation performance

Refractory category allow direct contact of fire,suitable for various atmosphere

Good integrity with furnace lining,long service life,easy operation,could be shaped freely

Low iron content

Good eroding resistance


Typical Applications

Steel Furnace

Iron making furnace

Glass kiln

Ceramic tunnel kiln

Cement kiln

Lime kilns

Suspended roofs

Reheating furnaces

Blast furnaces

Coke ovens

Insulation for glass tanks

Preheat zones and cyclones of rotary cement kilns 

Carbon bake furnaces in the aluminium industry

Furnaces of metallurgy industry heat treatment furnace

Furnaces of chemical industry and construction industry.

Tunnel kiln car,shuttle kiln car