H.T.B BOARD 1000℃ Calcium Silicate Board
H.T.B BOARD 1000℃ Calcium Silicate Board



calcium silicate board/block

Anti-scar small coefficient of thermal conductivity, the intensity is high, the use of high temperature, non-flammable, easy processing, no corrosion and pollution-free characteristics and application in electric power, heat pipes, chemical industry, metallurgy industry etc equipment, heat pipes, boiler, kiln body, etc. In recent years, widely used in thermal power plant of heat-supply pipeline buried steel, steel, plastic set with glass steel pipe, made of composite insulation coat can be processed into different product.

Physical Performance Index


We also can supply  special size and type

Product Description:



1.High strength

2.Dimension stability

3.Heat insulation sound insulation

4.Excellent chemical stability

5.Excellent thermal stability 

6.Low thermal conductivity


Calcium silicate board production process:


Hydroforming →  Airing → Measuring → Packaging → Re-examination → Storage