High Alumina Procelain Honeycomb Ceramic Heater
High Alumina Procelain Honeycomb Ceramic Heater

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High Alumina Procelain Honeycomb Ceramic Heater 

The honeycomb ceramic as heat transfer media is the key part for heat storing HTAC(High Temperature Air Combustion)technology,which has low heat expansion coefficient,large surface area,good heat stability and anti-corrosion.It has got wide application in many industrial productions(especially it was widely application in RTO/RCO system by domestic market and global market).Our company has produced more than 10 types of honeycomb ceramic heat storage substrate accoring to the USA and european series of honeycomb ceramic materials.

 Typical Application

high temperature heat accumulation and exchange in industrial waste gas treatment for metallurgical ,chemical and construction material idustries.


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